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Apply for a Permit


Permit Application Available Online

If you require a permit through the RPBCWD, applications can be completed through an online portal. Each page saves as you go, so don't worry about finishing it all at once.

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Require a Financial Assurance?

Your permit through RPBCWD may require you to escrow funds beyond the initial permit fee deposit. To determine the amount required and if any specific templates are required, check out the resources here.

Permit Applicant Resources

Please submit complete applications by the following 2022 deadlines to be considered for the following Board Meeting.

  • Dec 20 2021 for February 2 2022
  • January 18 for March 2
  • February 23 for April 6
  • March 22 for May 4
  • April 19 for June 1
  • May 23 for July 6
  • June 21 for August 3
  • July 26 for September 7
  • August 23 for October 5
  • Sept 20  for November 2
  • Oct 25 for December 7
  • Nov 21 for Jan 4, 2023


Upcoming Permit Application Deadlines

The rules are a watershed-wide regulatory structure that ensures a consistent level of resource protection across the watershed as required by the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act. The District developed rules for:

  • floodplain management and drainage alterations
  • erosion prevention and sediment control
  • wetland and creek buffers
  • dredging and sediment removal
  • shoreline and streambank stabilization
  • waterbody crossings and structures
  • appropriation of public surface waters
  • stormwater management.

These rules are effective as of January 1st, 2020. They were adopted to protect the public’s health and welfare as well as the natural resources of the District and are enforceable under Minnesota Statute. 

Permit applications are due no less than 30 business days prior to the board meeting.

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The rules are a watershed-wide regulatory structure that ensures a consistent level of resource protection across the watershed.


Supporting Documents and Maps

Documents to support the permitting process, and high-risk erosion and flood risk maps.


Atlas 14 Nested Distributions

Distribution materials.

Link to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency salt applicator certification courses, as required by Rule J, subsection 3.8.

Permit FAQs

No, the District will work with its municipal partners and state agencies to avoid duplication of efforts.  For example, the District is seeking a general permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) so that projects triggering DNR permits and District permits could be permitted by the watershed district.

Our water resources our pressured every day with land and water disturbing activities.  The rules are one way for the District to ensure conservation of water for public uses, control erosion and siltation of lakes, streams and wetlands, and protect water quality in these water bodies. 

If you have questions about what rules might apply to your project, contact Mat Nicklay at or 952-607-6512 ext. 2 or Terry Jeffery at or 952-607-6512 ext. 1.

Projects that impact Minnesota’s water resources are regulated by a variety of state, local, and federal agencies. Check out this useful tool from the MN Department of Natural Resources to help identify other organizations you might need a permit from: Water Related Program Contact.

Above and Beyond

If you install a clean water best management practice that goes above and beyond the permit requirements, you can apply for a cost-share grant.

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